Nebula brings together all necessary stakeholders to form a Sector Skills Alliance for the training of public servants on cloud computing to develop their digital literacy with new skills and competences. The partnership is formed to comprise an interdisciplinary team with complementary skills, expertise & competences that is able to face the project’s organisational, pedagogical, technological, and desired impact/exploitation challenges. The world of vocational education and training is represented through individual VET providers, PROMEA & FLORIDA, and via the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (UK), while the world of higher education is represented by UCBL and FLORIDA.  Labour market representatives include public administration representatives, TECLA & Sambruk. Furthermore, the AELP, Sambruk and TECLA are also heavily involved In policy making in the UK, Sweden and Italy respectively regarding policies for vocational training and IT.

PROMEA - Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies (GR)

Skills, expertise, competences : Innovative learning pedagogies; identification of learners’ needs; delivery of training solutions; utilising research based products in demanding learning environments; game-based earning; management of EU funded projects.

Role in the project: project management; technical coordination; identification of skill demand/mismatch; learning content development; innovative VET delivery method; national dissemination event; project results mainstreaming.

AELP - The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (UK)

Skills, expertise, competences : Representing member views/interests to regional policy making, strategic and funding bodies; securing strong Parliamentary and media reputation for the sector; advocating for learning providers at all levels on inspection, curriculum, examinations, best practice; providing business solutions to learning providers in consultancy, training, recruitment.

Role in the project: Skill supply evaluation; open training session; VET program evaluation; EU-wide dissemination conference; liaise with policy making authorities.

TECLA – Association for the Transregional, Local and European Cooperation (IT)

Skills, expertise, competences : Raising funds and adaptation of the design of services and organizational innovation processes; creating marketing strategies to enhance vocation/give impetus to local human capital; human resources planning & training development; representation of territorial public administrations in community policy development.

Role in the project: skill demand/supply/mismatch definition; training content translation; training seminar; training evaluation/ assessment; dissemination plan, infrastructure & material development; national dissemination event.

SAMBRUK - Swedish Association of Municipalities for Joint Development of Public e-Services (SE)

 Skills, expertise, competences: Representing members in policy making bodies, understanding of territorial publicadministration needs, requirements analysis and specification definition for IT projects, businessprocess re-engineering in the public sector, management of large-scale IT projects on behalf ofpublic administrations.

Role in the project:validation of skill demand; VET program assessment; content translation; training seminar; dissemination; national dissemination event.

UCBL - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (FR)

Skills, expertise, competences: subject matter expertise on cloud computing technologies, web standards, business process re-engineering and organisation adaptation for uptake of cloud computing.

Role in the project: development of learning content; content translation; national dissemination event.

FLORIDA - Florida Universitaria (ES)

 Skills, expertise, competences: design and provision of vocational training services; innovative training delivery methods; subject matter expertise in software engineering/architectures, IT infrastructure administration & management.

Role in the project: definition of learning objectives and curriculum structure; content translation; trainer toolkit; “train the trainer” seminar; training seminar; national dissemination event.


Skills, expertise, competences TELESIG: development and provision of e-learning solutions; consulting services in management and implementation of EU funded projects.

Role in the project: quality assurance plan; online learning resources; roadmap for curriculum integration in certification/qualification standards; sustainability/exploitation strategy; national dissemination event.