NEBULA aims at:

  • Deriving an evidence-based definition of skill needs of the labour market for cloud computing skills and competences in Europe based on the targets set by the EU Digital Agenda
  • Examining the available skill supply by public administration staff and determine the magnitude of the skill mismatch to be bridged
  • Analysing the training requirements by liaising with all stakeholders
  • Designing a curriculum and develop VET programs that will introduce cloud computing skills courses and materials
  • Introducing innovative training delivery methods
  • Investigating alternative paths to link the designed curriculum with training methodologies in order to standardise it and make it transferable across EU members
  • Establishing a pool of trainers to initiate the VET program delivery by training and qualifying members of the project team to deliver the program
  • Run pilot delivery sessions to test the new VET program with learners who belong to the actual target group