All the employees of territorial public administrations and individuals targeting employment in the public sector could benefit from the VET program developed by NEBULA aiming at improving their skills in the migration from on-premises to cloud computing infrastructure. Learners and trainees are directly involved in the phase of analysing demand/supply and deficit for cloud computing skills in the today’s labour market. Furthermore, the availability of an online will serve as a key tool to reach learners after its termination.

Self-employed trainers looking to expand their training portfolio, training providers such as companies, colleges, VET institutions and providers, adult education organisations could take advantage of the project as training organisations or trainers. Moreover, teachers, trainers and other staff within those institutions as well as establishments involved in the training of adult education staff should not miss the opportunity too. Indeed, the Nebula project will develop a VET program on an innovative subject in order to respond to the needs of individuals employed by or seeking employment by public administrations. It includes the creation of new and novel learning content/material as well as innovative training delivery methods for VET.

Public authorities, labour market representatives, VET and adult education institutions’ officials, other persons and bodies responsible for systems & policies concerning vocational education, training & adult education have the great chance to join the project as institutional stakeholders. They will be invited to the project’s events, its social networking pages, and will be consulted from the early stages according to the sustainability & exploitation plan.

Finally, enterprises, social partners and other representatives of working life, bodies providing guidance relating to lifelong learning & adult education as well as distance education institutions should work together and profit by entering the NEBULA as broader long-term beneficiaries, in order to make the relevant skills and competences a key asset for professional and for personal development of adults.